Components and accessories for the footwear industry. Adhesives, yarns, padding and reinforcements, small parts, shoemaker equipment.
All the best products for shoe finishing.

Leather Goods

Components and accessories for the leather goods sector
Adhesives, yarns, chemical products, fabrics and equipment for the creation of bags and leather goods in general


Adhesives, synthetic fabrics, microfibre, yarns and accessories for mattresses and the upholstery sector in general.


Waterproof yarns, adhesives and equipment for the nautical sector.

Chemical Products

The best products for shoe finish leather goods sector.


Waxed, semicured and lubricated braided yarns for macramé and costume jewelery.
Metallised yarns and equipment in general.

Packaging solutions

All packaging solutions: adhesive tape, stretch film and envelopes.
Royal palace, strapping and curtains.

Solutions for packaging and display of the shoe


Products for professional cleaning.
The best of products for cleaning all environments.


Shoes and accident prevention equipment.
The best products for workplace safety.

Shoe Care

The best products for shoe care and cleaning.


Yarns for the footwear, leather goods, mattresses and upholstery sectors.
Polyester, polycotton, metal and macramé.


Needles for the footwear, leather goods, upholstery and clothing sectors.
Tools for all sectors of industry